Created by as a showcase of projects and works about open source geospatial technologies.

This section concerns projects about Web Mapping and GIS Applications.

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Leaflet plugins

Leaflet is a modern JavaScript library for interactive maps supports WMS, GeoJSON and Tile layers natively.
Many other types of layers and widgets are supported via plugins.

  • Leaflet Search
    Control for searching markers and features by custom fields from layer or remote source.
  • Leaflet Panel Layers
    Leaflet Control.Layers extended for multiple layers groups and icon legends.
  • Leaflet JSON Layer
    Build dynamic JSON Layer via Ajax/JSONP with Caching requests.
  • Leaflet Gps
    Simple Leaflet Control plugin for tracking gps position, highly customizable.
  • Leaflet Compass
    Leaflet Control plugin to make simple rotating compass.
  • Leaflet GeoJSON Selector
    Leaflet Control for select GeoJSON features/properties in a interactive menu.
  • Leaflet Location Picker
    Simple location picker with Leaflet map.
  • Leaflet Loader
    Simple control to show/hide a gif loader to the center of the map.

WebGIS projects


Geospatial dataset picker via fast Api Rest interface written in NodeJs for GDAL bindings and Fastify


The open source full-stack geosocial network platform.

GPX Optimizer online

Online Simplifier and tracks Optimizer.


The open geospatial database of boundaries and the toponymy of all the valleys in the Alps.

Track GPS Network

GPS tracking system of remote devices and tracks spatial search

GPS Streaming Daemon

NodeJs daemon for remote nmea data acquisitions from mobile devices

Share Gpx Tracks

Share and Embed GPX tracks in mobile devices.

OpenStreetMap Contributors by Area

List of OSM contributors who have participated in a given map area.

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